Aeromovil 3.0

The dream of many people has come true, after many years of investigation and testing, there is a functioning flying car; it has been developed by “aeromovil”, by a series of specialized engineers. This car is called “aeromovil 3.0”. It has two stages of transformation, to become a “plane”, the first one, it is a normal car, then, the wings expand and it becomes a perfect flying machine. This car is only for two people, it uses normal gasoline and it fits in any standard parking space. In this table we can clearly see the characteristics of the car versus the ones of the transformed “plane”:

Car characteristics: Plane characteristics:

Plane characteristics

Although this is the third version created, there is going to be much more investigation before this “car” can drive and fly in all the countries.

Felipe Rodrigo 3ºESO



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